Zumplac tea

Green tea is one of the most beneficial drinks you can enjoy. It has many properties and great benefits for the whole system.

Zumplac tea provides a great amount of benefits and offers a high- quality drink and great taste. The blend of ingredients is unique and makes for a really powerful drink that supports strong system and well-being.

Key benefits

Soothing effect
This tea helps soothe the whole system while cleansing it. It promotes faster food processing and helps you feel more energized. It helps reduce cravings and allows you to get in better shape.

Cleansing properties
The tea has the ability to rid your system of toxins buildup and water retention. It helps cleanse the whole system and makes you feel more energized and relaxed. It helps improve your productivity and helps you stay focused.

Zumplac contains :

Pure green tea, Ginger, Strawberries, Peppermint and more...

Pure green tea




Brewing and serving Zumplac green tea


Start with boiling the water until it just reaches a simmer, then remove from the heat and wait 30-60 seconds before using it, so it can cool down a bit. The water temperature and quality of water you use to brew the tea are essential details to making a good cup of this green tea.


Place your tea in a warmed pot or mug. adjust the amount of tea based on the number of people you are serving tea to (or just one mug if it's only for you).


Pour the boiled water over the tea and let it steep. Generally, you should steep the green tea for 1-3 minutes. Once the tea has been steeped enough, strain it. Try not to over steep it so you can have a better taste.


Pour the drink in a cup of your choice. The first pour of tea is weaker than the last pour of tea, so to ensure the flavor is equally distributed in each cup, fill each cup a third of the way. Then go back and fill the second third in each cup, and then finally fill each cup all the way.


I love this tea. I drink it first thing in the morning and it helps me feel much more energized and better.

This is a great tea to add to an active lifestyle. Combined with a clean eating regimen, I can see that it has helped me get in better shape.

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